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Marketing is a crucial aspect of selling a home. It is how potential buyers become aware of a property, and it can influence their decision to make an offer. Realtors use a variety of marketing techniques to ensure that their clients’ homes are easily found and well received in the marketplace. In this article, we will explore the types of marketing techniques commonly used by realtors to sell homes.

Professional Photography and Videography

One of the most important marketing techniques used by realtors is professional photography and videography. High-quality photos and videos of a property can make a significant difference in how it is perceived by potential buyers. Professional photographers and videographers can capture the unique features of a property and showcase them in the best possible light.

The use of professional photography and videography can help a property stand out in online listings and social media posts. This can lead to more interest and showings of the property, which can result in a quicker sale and a higher price.

Online Marketing

Another important marketing technique used by realtors is online marketing. In today’s digital age, the vast majority of home buyers begin their search online. As a result, realtors focus on online marketing techniques to ensure that their clients’ homes are easily found on the internet.

This includes creating online listings on real estate websites such as Zillow and Realtor.com. These listings typically include a detailed description of the property, high-quality photos and videos, and other relevant information such as the asking price and property features.

Social media is another important tool used by realtors for online marketing. They may post about their clients’ homes on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This can help generate interest in the property and reach a larger audience of potential buyers.

Print Advertising

Although online marketing is the primary focus of many realtors, print advertising is still an effective marketing technique. This includes placing ads in local newspapers, real estate magazines, and other print publications.

Print advertising can be particularly effective in certain areas or for certain types of properties. For example, a luxury property may benefit from print advertising in a high-end lifestyle magazine. In the case of the Power Team we have an exclusive magazine which we are involved in creating quarterly and distributing to island homes and pickup points, “the Island Real Estate Book”.

Open Houses

Finally, realtors may use open houses as a marketing technique to generate interest in their clients’ homes. Open houses allow potential buyers to tour the property and get a feel for what it would be like to live there.

Realtors may promote open houses through online and print advertising, as well as social media. This can generate interest and increase the number of potential buyers who attend the open house.


In conclusion, realtors use a variety of marketing techniques to ensure that their clients’ homes are easily found and well received in the marketplace. These include professional photography and videography, online marketing, print advertising, and open houses. By utilizing these marketing techniques effectively, realtors can generate interest in their clients’ homes and help them achieve a quicker sale and a higher price.